TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS “Circle of Light” has begun!


After a falling out with his commanding officer, DEADLOCK finds himself adrift and alone on a planet that is unfamiliar to him. There he discovers a large base, and as he approaches it, he is found by STAR SABER, who assures the DECEPTICON that he bears him no ill intent. STAR SABER invites him to meet with his allies in the Circle of Light.

While DEADLOCK meets DAI ATLAS and AXE, LOCKDOWN lands elsewhere, intent on bringing the rogue DECEPTICON back into the fold. He teams up with a group of local hunters, who deem DEADLOCK and his new friends “fresh prey”.

Can LOCKDOWN bring DEADLOCK back to Cybertron, one way or another? Or will DAI ATLUS and the Circle of Light be able to convince the DECEPTICON warrior to follow them on their path to a peaceful life? Find out on TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “CIRCLE OF LIGHT”!

-This week’s event is based on segments of the TRANSFORMERS: DRIFT trade paperback stories.  The story can be found in the individual TRANSFORMERS: DRIFT comics or in Volume 4 of the Transformers IDW Collection hardcover.  - The TRANSFORMER LEGENDS Team

TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS “Web World” has ended!


Despite their best efforts, the TORKULI are unable to salvage the mind of GALVATRON. In a fit of rage, he begins to attack everything in his sight, prompting the DECEPTICONS to flee their leader’s wrath, with ULTRA MAGNUS and SNARL right behind them. The TORKULI escape as well, leaving GALVATRON to destroy the planet.


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TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS “Web World” has begun!


GALVATRON, mad with the desire to destroy all of the AUTOBOTS, continually injures his own troops. In an attempt to prevent a mutiny, DECEPTICON FRENZY, LASERBEAK, and the other DECEPTICONS take their leader to the planet of the TORKULI. There, GALVATRON is restrained so that they can begin his treatment.

Meanwhile, ULTRA MAGNUS and SNARL, on the planet for a fact-finding mission, discover that the AUTOBOTS’ deadliest enemy is there, and try to find out what is going on.

Can the TORKULI bring GALVATRON out of his madness, or will he destroy everyone, including LASERBEAK and DECEPTICON FRENZY? Will ULTRA MAGNUS and SNARL find out what is going on? Find out, on TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “WEB WORLD”!

     -This week’s event is based on the original Transformers episode of the same name.  The episode (Season 3, Episode 16) is viewable on Netflix streaming, in addition to all other episodes of the classic animated series. - The TRANSFORMER LEGENDS Team

TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS “Cosmic Rust” has ended!

GEARS and BEACHCOMBER are able to slip past the DECEPTICON defenses and gather a sample of the Corrostop from the Status of Liberty. Using this, the AUTOBOTS are able to replicate the compound and save themselves from the cosmic rust.

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TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS “Cosmic Rust” has begun!

As MEGATRON, SOUNDWAVE, and the DECEPTICONS travel towards Cybertron, they find a planet with a gigantic AUTOBOT symbol that is visible from space. Upon closer inspection, they discover that the entire population has been wiped out, leaving behind only a powerful weapon, the Lightning Bug.

MEGATRON takes the Lightning Bug, intending to use it on the AUTOBOTS, unaware of the creeping doom that it has inflicted him and his troops. He soon discovers the cosmic rust, and steals the Corrostop compound that the AUTOBOTS had developed in order to cure it. Now immune to the infection, he decides to use it upon the hated AUTOBOTS.

The AUTOBOTS, now inflicted and without their own supply of Corrostop, turn to their Matter Replicator for a solution. Unfortunately, the only remaining Corrostop is on the Statue of Liberty, which was used for the original tests, and it is now blockaded by DRAG STRIP, LASERBEAK and the other DECEPTICONS.

Will BEACHCOMBER and AUTOBOT GEARS be able to get past the DECEPTICON blockades and reach the Statue of Liberty in time for the AUTOBOTS to replicate the Corrostop? Or will the fate of the AUTOBOTS to be to rust into nothingness? Find out on TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “COSMIC RUST”!

TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS “Autobot Run” has ended!


Through a combination of fancy driving and stunt work, PROWL and the other AUTOBOTS are able to fend off the DECEPTICONS long enough for their scientists to figure out a way to reverse the effects of the Transfixatron. The newly revived AUTOBOTS drive off SCRAPPER and his allies, and destroy the Transfixatron.

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TRANSFORMERS Legends “Autobot Run” has begun!

SILVERSTREAK and TRAILCUTTER, at Spike’s suggestion, convince some of the other AUTOBOTS to put on a charity race. Meanwhile, the CONSTRUCTICONS have created the Transfixatron, a device that freezes Cybertronians into their current form, which they intend to use on their AUTOBOT foes.

Just as the race is about to be completed, SCRAPPER and MIXMASTER use the Transfixatron on the racers, which goes unnoticed. The DECEPTICONS then spring their attack upon the watching crowd, and when PROWL, MIRAGE, and the others attempt to change to fight back, they discover that they are unable to leave their vehicular forms.

Will the AUTOBOTS be able to mount a counter attack, or will they be stuck as cars for the rest of their lives, while the DECEPTICONS take over the Earth? Find out on TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “AUTOBOT RUN”!



With the plan to destroy AUTOBOT CITY thwarted, RODIMUS and the others are restored to their original bodies. VICTOR DRATH is taken away to jail, but OLD SNAKE manages to escape. As he slithers away, a familiar battle cry rises from his throat, but is quashed by a coughing fit.

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"Only Human" - Update #1

Hey Community,

The team has been reviewing the card stats of this episode’s EVO cards, and we noticed that their ATK and DEF was miscalculated, resulting underpowered cards.

Because of this we are updating their stats.
The updated stats should be live in about an hour.  

We apologize for any confusion and hope everyone enjoys the new and improved stats.

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TRANSFORMERS Legends “Only Human” has begun!

RODIMUS, ULTRA MAGNUS, SPRINGER and ARCEE foil VICTOR DRATH’S attempt to steal the powerful, but volatile, Newtronium. DRATH, fed up with their constant interference, calls on the mercenary OLD SNAKE for help.

VICTOR DRATH lures the AUTOBOTS into a trap, and using OLD SNAKE’S technology, transfers their minds into the bodies of synthoids. OLD SNAKE convinces DRATH to use the now-mindless AUTOBOTS as weapons, by outfitting them with controls.

Meanwhile, as the RODIMUS and his friends get used to their new bodies, they learn that DRATH and OLD SNAKE are going to use their bodies to blow up AUTOBOT CITY. It is now a race against time, as the now-human AUTOBOTS try to warn the city and stop VICTOR DRATH’S forces.

Will the AUTOBOTS reclaim their bodies, or will they be trapped in them forever? Will OLD SNAKE be able to help VICTOR DRATH destroy AUTOBOT CITY and claim his revenge? Find out on TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “ONLY HUMAN”!

Also, we want to wish a Happy 30th Birthday to Transformers!