"Only Human" - Update #1

Hey Community,

The team has been reviewing the card stats of this episode’s EVO cards, and we noticed that their ATK and DEF was miscalculated, resulting underpowered cards.

Because of this we are updating their stats.
The updated stats should be live in about an hour.  

We apologize for any confusion and hope everyone enjoys the new and improved stats.

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The TFL Team

TRANSFORMERS Legends “Only Human” has begun!

RODIMUS, ULTRA MAGNUS, SPRINGER and ARCEE foil VICTOR DRATH’S attempt to steal the powerful, but volatile, Newtronium. DRATH, fed up with their constant interference, calls on the mercenary OLD SNAKE for help.

VICTOR DRATH lures the AUTOBOTS into a trap, and using OLD SNAKE’S technology, transfers their minds into the bodies of synthoids. OLD SNAKE convinces DRATH to use the now-mindless AUTOBOTS as weapons, by outfitting them with controls.

Meanwhile, as the RODIMUS and his friends get used to their new bodies, they learn that DRATH and OLD SNAKE are going to use their bodies to blow up AUTOBOT CITY. It is now a race against time, as the now-human AUTOBOTS try to warn the city and stop VICTOR DRATH’S forces.

Will the AUTOBOTS reclaim their bodies, or will they be trapped in them forever? Will OLD SNAKE be able to help VICTOR DRATH destroy AUTOBOT CITY and claim his revenge? Find out on TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “ONLY HUMAN”!

Also, we want to wish a Happy 30th Birthday to Transformers!



After a frantic and deadly chase, BUMBLEBEE and CLIFFJUMPER are able to break through the DECEPTICONS’ blockade to safety. Cursing their luck, SUNSTORM and the others return to their base, unaware that their leader already has plans for to drive their foes towards total destruction in the days to come.


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BUMBLEBEE and CLIFFJUMPER are returning from an energon scavenging run, unaware that their progress is being monitored from the sky. With a single blast from his weapon, SUNSTORM, DIRGE, BITSTREAM and HOT LINK begin their chase, eager to take the AUTOBOTS’ energon for their own purposes.

The cat and mouse game continues through the valleys of Cybertron, as the DECEPTICONS rain down destruction from above. The AUTOBOTS, outnumbered and outgunned, race desperately towards their one remaining sanctuary – Iacon.

Will the DECEPTICONS destroy the AUTOBOTS’ last hope? Or will BUMBLEBEE and CLIFFJUMPER be able to escape with their precious cargo? Find out on TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE”!



Through the valiant efforts of SERGEANT KUP and SLINGSHOT, UNICRON’S machinations are stopped, and his revival is undone. However, STARSCREAM has his new body, and makes good his escape, while CYCLONUS and SCOURGE return to their base, confused by what has happened.

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TRANSFORMERS Legends “Unicron Returns” has begun!


STARSCREAM, still a ghost, makes a deal with UNICRON for a new body. He goes to the DECEPTICON base, and takes control of SCOURGE and CYCLONUS. He leads the two DECEPTICONS to Earth, so they can fulfill UNICRON’S commands - for new eyes and a new body.

While SERGEANT KUP and SLINGSHOT fly to Earth to do a routine inspection on AUTOBOT CITY, SCOURGE and CYCLONUS, spurred on by STARSCREAM, head there to steal the mighty METROPLEX’S eyes.

After a fierce battle, the DECEPTICONS manage to escape with one, and head to their next task, to bring TRYPTICON’S body to UNICRON. The AUTOBOTS follow, intent on preventing whatever mayhem they intend to perpetrate.

Will they be able to stop STARSCREAM from reviving the galaxy’s greatest threat? Will UNICRON rise again? Find out on TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “UNICRON RETURNS”!


Hey TRANSFORMERS Legends fans!

Be sure to pre-register for the next team raid episode, “Unicron Returns”! Pre-registration starts tonight at 5pm PDT and the episode starts tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5pm PDT. 

Please note that we have made some changes to the episode. The team sizes have been adjusted, so that it now takes a minimum of 15 players to form a team, up to a maximum of 20.

In addition, the Team Point Threshold has been increased, from the previous 3500 points to 5000 points.

Thanks! We hope you enjoy the next episode, TRANSFORMERS Legends -  “Unicron Returns”.

-The TRANSFORMERS Legends team



BRAWN, AUTOBOT JAZZ, and the AUTOBOTS stand triumphant over the DECEPTICONS, and are able to rescue NIGHTBIRD unharmed. They return her to Doctor Fujiyama for safekeeping. He places her in stasis, and as the hatch closes, a glimmer can be seen in the ninja’s eyes…

Big Congrats to all our Episode participants and to OKAMI75 for taking first place on the leaderboard!

Be sure to spend your Ruby Medals within the next hour! You won’t be able to use them once the pre-registration for the next event begins.

TRANSFORMERS Legends “Enter the Nightbird” has begun!


One day, the AUTOBOTS receive a transmission from their friend, the famous scientist Doctor Fujiyama. He informs them that he has finished creating a very sophisticated robot, NIGHTBIRD, and asks them to come to the unveiling ceremony.

At the ceremony, NIGHTBIRD is revealed to be a “female ninja robot” built to benefit mankind. As the good doctor is about to explain what those purposes are, MEGATRON, THUNDERCRACKER, and the other DECEPTICONS attack the ceremony. In the ensuing confusion, the DECEPTICONS escape with NIGHTBIRD in tow.

Back at the AUTOBOT base, NIGHTBIRD (freshly reprogrammed by HARDSHELL) has slipped past the security measures put in place to stop the DECEPTICONS, and closes in on where the World Energy Chip is being kept. She steals the chip, setting off the base’s alarms, and makes her escape, all the while evading the AUTOBOTS.

AUTOBOT JAZZ and BRAWN lead a band of AUTOBOTS into the desert to go and safely capture NIGHTBIRD. While en route, however, they are ambushed by the DECEPTICONS, who join forces with the ninja robot to defeat their enemies!

Will the AUTOBOTS be able to rescue NIGHTBIRD from MEGATRON and the DECEPTICONS, or will she spell their doom? Find out on TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “ENTER THE NIGHTBIRD”!

Introducing Advanced Operations :

We’ve added 3 optional stages at the end of the hard difficulty called ADVANCED OPERATIONS.

These 3 stages give out extra event points as well as an extremely rare foil version of rarity 6 MEGATRON.

This version of Megatron is only available through completion of these stages.

Stages 1 - 7 of the hard difficulty contain bosses that are normally seen and capturable. The bosses are moved up by 3 stages to accomodate Advanced Operations.

TRANSFORMERS Legends “Beast Machines” is now over!

JETSTORM, TANKOR, and THRUST flee the battle, down but certainly not out. MEGATRON begins to plot his revenge as OPTIMUS PRIMAL and his allies celebrate their victory. The battle may have ended, but the war for Cybertron continues. 

Big Congrats to all our Episode participants and to BUDDYJOEGROEN for taking first place on the leaderboard!