TRANSFORMERS Legends “Enter the Nightbird” has begun!


One day, the AUTOBOTS receive a transmission from their friend, the famous scientist Doctor Fujiyama. He informs them that he has finished creating a very sophisticated robot, NIGHTBIRD, and asks them to come to the unveiling ceremony.

At the ceremony, NIGHTBIRD is revealed to be a “female ninja robot” built to benefit mankind. As the good doctor is about to explain what those purposes are, MEGATRON, THUNDERCRACKER, and the other DECEPTICONS attack the ceremony. In the ensuing confusion, the DECEPTICONS escape with NIGHTBIRD in tow.

Back at the AUTOBOT base, NIGHTBIRD (freshly reprogrammed by HARDSHELL) has slipped past the security measures put in place to stop the DECEPTICONS, and closes in on where the World Energy Chip is being kept. She steals the chip, setting off the base’s alarms, and makes her escape, all the while evading the AUTOBOTS.

AUTOBOT JAZZ and BRAWN lead a band of AUTOBOTS into the desert to go and safely capture NIGHTBIRD. While en route, however, they are ambushed by the DECEPTICONS, who join forces with the ninja robot to defeat their enemies!

Will the AUTOBOTS be able to rescue NIGHTBIRD from MEGATRON and the DECEPTICONS, or will she spell their doom? Find out on TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “ENTER THE NIGHTBIRD”!

Introducing Advanced Operations :

We’ve added 3 optional stages at the end of the hard difficulty called ADVANCED OPERATIONS.

These 3 stages give out extra event points as well as an extremely rare foil version of rarity 6 MEGATRON.

This version of Megatron is only available through completion of these stages.

Stages 1 - 7 of the hard difficulty contain bosses that are normally seen and capturable. The bosses are moved up by 3 stages to accomodate Advanced Operations.

TRANSFORMERS Legends “Beast Machines” is now over!

JETSTORM, TANKOR, and THRUST flee the battle, down but certainly not out. MEGATRON begins to plot his revenge as OPTIMUS PRIMAL and his allies celebrate their victory. The battle may have ended, but the war for Cybertron continues. 

Big Congrats to all our Episode participants and to BUDDYJOEGROEN for taking first place on the leaderboard!

TRANSFORMERS Legends “Beast Machine” Update#1

Hey TRANSFORMERS Legends Fans,

We had a few reports from players that their MTM Rarity 6 cards dropped a level. We went ahead and pushed a fix to correct it, but if you re-MTM’d your cards then you will notice that you do not have the MTM Badge or Star.

We are working on a fix to add back the MTM badge and will update you when we do. Your cards will maintain all of their stats including the Max Level bonus.

Your TRANSFORMERS Legends team.

TRANSFORMERS Legends - “Beast Machines” Starts Today!

After a series of ferocious battles, the MAXIMALS find themselves back on Cybertron. Thrilled at first, their joy turns into trepidation when OPTIMUS PRIMAL and the others discover that MEGATRON and his VEHICON forces have taken over the barren planet.

Pursued by JETSTORM, TANKOR, and THRUST, the MAXIMALS are rescued by the Oracle, who grants them new techno-organic forms, which allows them to survive in the changed environment of their old home.

Their resolve strengthened by their return, the MAXIMALS begin their fight to reclaim Cybertron by attacking VEHICON patrols in order to gather information. During one of these skirmishes, they happen upon JETSTORM, TANKOR, and THRUST, who do not appreciate the destruction of their respective drones!

A new war for Cybertron has begun! Can the MAXIMALS restore peace to their home? Will the MEGATRON and his VEHICONS destroy their foes? Who will reign supreme? Find out on TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “BEAST MACHINES”!

TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS - “The Autonomy Lesson” is now over!

With ACID STORM and SPINISTER defeated and sent off to the new detention facility, the AUTOBOT exploration team continues on with their mission to map out the “new” Cybertron. Meanwhile, other DECEPTICONS have noted the efforts of their teammates and begin to consider their own actions…

Congratulations to all of our participants, and to -VEGETASSJ4- for taking the number one spot on the leaderboard!

And remember, please spend your Ruby and Episode Medals before the the event begins tomorrow!

TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS - “The Autonomy Lesson” starts today!

As more non-aligned Cybertronian citizens return to their now revived homeworld, SKY LYNX, ARCEE, SIZZLE, and BLURR travel across the planet, trying to catalog the changes to their old home.

SPINISTER and ACID STORM, unhappy with the AUTOBOT-controlled government, decide to take their frustrations out on the band of AUTOBOT explorers. They set out and trail SKY LYNX, waiting for the opportunity to ambush him and his team.

Will the DECEPTICONS restore the status quo, one scrapped AUTOBOT at a time? Can SKY LYNX and his friends discover what has happened to their home? Find out on TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “THE AUTONOMY LESSON”!

TRANSFORMERS Legends “The Autonomy Lesson” Pre-registration begins today!

Hey TRANSFORMERS Legends fans!

Be sure to pre-register for the next team raid episode, “The Autonomy Lesson”! Pre-registration starts tonight at 5pm PDT and the episode starts tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5pm PDT. 

Thanks! We hope you enjoy the next episode, TRANSFORMERS Legends -  “The Autonomy Lesson”.

-The TRANSFORMERS Legends team

TRANSFORMERS Legends - “Autobot X” is now over


Despite the DECEPTICONS’ subterfuge, Spike is able to come to his senses when he sees his father hurt during the fighting. AUTOBOT X joins his friends and defeats the DECEPTICONS, sending them packing. With his body now healed, WHEELJACK is able to transfer Spike’s mind back from AUTOBOT X, which is placed into storage once more.

Congratulations to all of our participants, and to -VEGETASSJ4- for taking the number one spot on the leaderboard!

And remember, please spend your Ruby and Episode Medals before the preregistration for the upcoming Team Battle begins, later today!

TRANSFORMERS Legends - “Autobot X” Teletraan Rewards Issue

Hello TRANSFORMERS Legends fans!

It has come to out attention that some players that have completed the Teletraan boards have not been receiving their Thrust (Alt) or Thrust (Bot) rewards.

Thanks to the help of some of our loyal players, we have determined that this issue is occurring when a player’s Base is completely full, preventing the card from being placed into their inventory properly. We are currently looking into who has been affected by this, and correcting the issue as quickly as possible. 

For the duration, please make sure that you have enough space in your Base to receive the card reward when you finish the last step of a Teletraan board.

Thank you very much for your patience and loyalty!

-The TRANSFORMERS Legends Team

TRANSFORMERS Legends - “Autobot X” Starts Today!


SKYWARP, THRUST, and the DECEPTICONS attack an air force base, and during the fray, Spike is gravely injured. In order to save him, WHEELJACK transfers his mind into the body of AUTOBOT X, but Spike’s injuries and the trauma of the mind transfer cause him to go berserk!

TRAILCUTTER and BRAWN manage to subdue AUTOBOT X without injuring him, but he quickly escapes from the AUTOBOT headquarters and flees to the wilderness, where the DECEPTICONS happen upon him.

Through a combination of their lies and his own confusion, SKYWARP and THRUST are able to convince AUTOBOT X to turn on his friends, claiming that they were the reason he became a “monster”. The enraged cyborg turns back toward the AUTOBOT base, with destruction on his mind.

Can the AUTOBOTS save Spike from within his metallic shell? Will the DECEPTICONS be able to use the AUTOBOTS’ friend to destroy their most hated foes? Find out on TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “AUTOBOT X”!