TRANSFORMERS Legends “Savage Circle” Starts Today!


Demoralized by the seeming loss of RATCHET, the AUTOBOTS rejoice when INFERNO detects RATCHET’S life signs out in inter-dimensional space. Their joy turns to shock, however, when they see that their erstwhile medic has been fused to their most feared foe, MEGATRON!

Meanwhile, due to the machinations of UNICRON, GALVATRON has been pulled from the future and into the present. Confused and enraged by the unplanned time travel, the future DECEPTICON leader happens upon the unfortunate fusion of RATCHET and MEGATRON and attacks.

Shortly after, STRANGLEHOLD, BLUDGEON, and DARKWING arrive on the scene, having detected the tachyon anomalies, and join GALVATRON in his fight against the AUTOBOTS.

Will RATCHET and MEGATRON be safely separated from one another? Will GALVATRON and his forces destroy the hapless duo and all of the AUTOBOTS? Find out on TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “SAVAGE CIRCLE”!


TRANSFORMERS Legends fans, be sure to take advantage of the 30% bonus items being offered in space bridge. The 500 Battle Cube Pack now rewards 650, the 150 Battle Cube Pack now rewards 195, and the 200 Transmetal Unit Pack now rewards 260. This lasts only for the “Savage Circle” episode!

Also, if you’re a fan of TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION the official mobile game based on the movie you can pick up 30x SYNERGON by playing in Savage Circle this episode! Just play and score at least 24.5k episode points and within 24 hours of the episode ending you’ll receive the SYNERGON in TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION*.

Thanks all and enjoy the episode!

-THe TRANSFORMERS Legends team

*Please note it may take up to 24 hours after the conclusion of Savage Circle for your 30x Synergon to appear. You must also either have TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION already installed or install it prior to the episode concluding to be eligible for this reward.

TRANSFORMERS Legends “Savage Circle” Pre-registration begins today!

Hey Transformers Legends fans, 

Be sure to pre-register for the next team raid episode “Savage Circle!” Pre-registration starts tonight at 5pm /pst and the episode starts tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5pm /pst. 

And good news! We’re featured in a Summer Sale and select item packages now include 30% more for this episode -only-. Be sure to load up on Battle Cubes and Transmetal Units now while you can!

And a special bonus for those interested in or playing TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION the official mobile game based on the movie. During this episode only you have an opportunity to score 30x SYNERGON. Play the “SAVAGE CIRCLE” episode and score 24.5k episode points. Within 24 hours of Savage Circle ending you’ll receive 30x SYNERGON in TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION. Please note, you’ll need to either have already installed TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION for iOS or Android or install it before the end of this episode to receive the 30x SYNERGON.

Thanks and we hope you enjoy TRANSFORMERS Legends “Savage Circle”.

-The TRANSFORMERS Legends team

TRANSFORMERS Legends “Into the Abyss” has ended!

With the Ammonites vanquished and the DECEPTICONS sent packing, Nightbeat and Windblade head back to the Lost Light to report on their findings. Jhiaxus and the others return to their own starship, both glad thatthe Ammonite threat has been ended and angered at their loss to the hated AUTOBOTS. 

Congratulations to IMWC for taking home the top leaderboard spot this week and special thanks to all of our episode participants. Pre-registration for the next exciting episode of TRANSFORMERS Legends starts today!

TRANSFORMERS Legends “Into the Abyss” Loyalty Rewards

Hey TRANSFORMERS Legends fans,

The episode started about an hour later than usual yesterday as we were resolving an issue with the new missions. Afterwards, a small number of players we’re temporarily locked out of the game. This was quickly resolved last night so if you’re having connection issues still please let us know!

We’ve issued a loyalty reward to all players who’ve participated in the episode so far. This includes 100 Ruby Medals and 10 Full Energon Charges to help you find those bosses!


-The TRANSFORMERS Legends team

TRANFORMERS Legends “Into the Abyss” is now live!

Out in the depths of space, the starship Lost Light is exploring a distant planet when it is attacked by unknown foes. NIGHTBEAT and WINDBLADE are sent to discover the identities of their assailants, and find a contingent of DECEPTICONS, out on the same mission.

JHIAXUS, RAVAGE, SKY-BYTE, and TANKOR agree to join with NIGHTBEAT and WINDBLADE to fight their common foe, and the unified force is able to drive off several Ammonite attacks. However, differences in opinion on how to deal with the threat create a rift in the fragile alliance, and the allies-of-convenience turn upon one another, weapons in hand!

Will the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS annihilate each other? Will the Ammonites destroy everyone aboard the Lost Light? Find out in TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS - INTO THE ABYSS!

TRANSFORMERS Legends “Fire on the Mountain” is over!

While the AUTOBOTS were unable to prevent REFLECTOR and STARSCREAM from stealing the metal, the actions of GEARS, CLIFFJUMPER, SILVERSTREAK and JETFIRE were able to destroy the cannon and drive off the DECEPTICONS. With their enemies routed, the AUTOBOTS are able to place a device on top of the shaft, to replace the Crystal of Power and prevent the shaft from erupting once more.

Congratulations to KRISCYANIDE for taking home the number 1 spot on the leaderboard this week and special thanks to all of our episode participants. Stay tuned for our next exciting episode of TRANSFORMERS Legends!

Known Issue with Level Text Display

Hello TRANSFORMERS Legends fans,

In the last update we increased the -MAX- player level to 9999. Players who have gained experience past level 999 will automatically be leveled up and receive rewards in their inbox.

We’re looking into a glitch that is causing the last number to be dropped for your player level. This is cosmetic only and does not change your player level. If you check your inbox you should have all of your appropriate level rewards.


-The TRANSFORMERS Legends team

TRANSFORMERS Legends Update 2.1.0 and “Fire on the Mountain” now live!

Hello TRANSFORMERS Legends fans,

Starting with tonight’s episode you should see the new features we’ve previewed in the last few blog posts. This includes the new deck management system, weapon abilities, specialization bonuses, and Battle Chest space bridge.

In addition to those changes, you’ll also find two new missions in the normal (non-episode) campaign. We’ve also fixed several smaller issues and made improvements to performance across multiple devices.

Down in South America, the DECEPTICONS have learned of a shaft that leads from an ancient temple to the molten core of the Earth, capped by the legendary “Crystal of Power”. With plans to utilize the amazing Crystal of Power to create a super weapon, STARSCREAM and REFLECTOR are dispatched to steal the metal needed to forge a cannon capable of destroying nearly anything. 
Meanwhile, AUTOBOT GEARS, CLIFFJUMPER, and SILVERSTREAK are sent to investigate the recent DECEPTICON thefts, as some of the other AUTOBOTS work to free JETFIRE from his icy prison. The mighty AUTOBOT scientist is released from beneath the ice in time to assist the others in South America.
Can the AUTOBOTS prevent STARSCREAM and REFLECTOR from completing their deadly task? Will the DECEPTICONS complete their deadly cannon and destroy their hated foes once and for all? Find out in TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN”!

Coming Soon: Battle Chest!

Hello TRANSFORMERS Legends fans!

We’re going to cap off our 3 day preview of upcoming features with a look at a new way to access Space Bridge.

Introducing Battle Chest!

Think of Battle Chest like a big box of 100 cards. You can get either 1 card, 10 cards, or 25 cards from the box. Once you get that card, it’s no longer in that Battle Chest. You can see what cards you’ve collected from the Battle Chest already by clicking the CARD LIST button.

Once you obtain one of the featured episode cards, you have the option to either stay with the current Battle Chest or move on to the next Battle Chest. For now, there are two Battle Chests, one for the BOT form of the episode cards and the other for the ALT form of the episode cards.

After you’ve obtained the episode cards you want, the Battle Chest will loop back around and you’ll be able to obtain another copy of the episode card.

We’re very interested in your thoughts on this new Space Bridge system so please let us know what you think!

-The TRANSFORMERS Legends team

Coming Soon: New Weapon Abilities and Specialization Bonus

Hello TRANSFORMERS Legends fans!

We wanted to share with you an exciting new way to customize your favorite TRANSFORMERS decks and bring new strategies to battle!

Starting with the next episode you’ll encounter weapon cards that have new abilities. These three new abilities are: 

HEALING CLUSTER I: This weapon ability has a chance to heal your allies.

ARMOR PIERCING: This weapon ability has a chance to negate all of an opponents defense.

HEROIC CHARGE I: This weapon ability has a chance to bolster your allies stats.


In addition to these new weapon abilities, TRANSFORMERS character cards now gain a damage bonus against opposing Specializations. 

The three types of Specializations include the normal melee and ranged as well as a 3rd new type, Heavy.

In battle, Heavy specializations will do more damage to Ranged Specializations, Ranged will do more damage to Melee, and Melee will do more damage to Heavy.

It’s important to pay close attention to your decks strengths and weaknesses and change strategy as the episodes progress!

Check back tomorrow morning for a sneak preview of the all new BATTLE CHEST debuting in the next episode!