TRANSFORMERS Legends “Five Faces of Darkness: Part 2” is now live!

Spike, Magnus, and Kup are sentenced to death by the Quintessons. Before they can be destroyed, Grimlock, the Aerialbots, and the other Autobots arrive to rescue them. Desperate to destroy the Matrix, the Quintessons detonate a core bomb, destroying their  home world of Quintesson.

Determined to destroy the Autobot leader Rodimus Prime, the Quintessons give energon to the desperate Decepticons in exchange for destroying the Autobots. Meanwhile, on the planetoid Goo, the Quintesson Deliberata comes to respect the Autobots sense of courage and honor after witnessing Rodimus Prime nearly sacrifice himself to save his team.

The newly revived Galvatron arrives on Chaar to discover the Decepticons have left to follow the Quintessons. Incensed at this betrayal, Galvatron vows to once again become leader of the Decepticons.

TRANSFORMERS Legends “Five Faces of Darkness: Part 1” is over!

Rodimus Prime, badly damaged from the Decepticon attack, has a vision that reveals the Quintessons behind the kidnapping and attack. Rising again, Galvatron destroys the planet Krull and proclaims the Decepticons have an empire to reclaim.

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TRANSFORMERS Legends “Five Faces of Darkness: Part 1” is now live!

After the destruction of Unicron, the Decepticons retreat to the planet Chaar to regroup. During the inaugural Galactic Games, a Skuxxoid attack captures Spike, Kup, and Ultra Magnus. Arcee and Springer set off to track them down. Arcee and Springer pursue a Skuxxoid alien ship to a distant asteroid. 

Meanwhile, Cyclonus discovers the remains of Galvatron on the planet Krull. Rodimus Prime and Grimlock spy on the Deecpticons as they scrape together enough Energon to revive Galvatron. They determine that the Decepticons are too weak right now to be behind the kidnapping, but are discovered and Rodimus Prime is gravely injured.

Springer and Arcee arrive just in time. As his life force dwindles, Rodimus Prime learns who is truly behind the kidnappings… 


TRANSFORMERS Legends fans! There are a few changes to this event type based on your feedback! 

  • It’s now possible to encounter level 8 (whale) bosses from the beginning. You’re chances of encountering level 8 bosses increases with the number of event points you have.
  • As long as a boss is available, you have a small chance of encountering a “??” form of that boss. This chance -does not- increase as you gain more event points.

Enjoy and thanks for all your feedback!

TRANSFORMERS Legends “The Galactic Games” has come to an end!

As the competition grew fiercer, the Quintessons grew closer to unfurling their plans to destroy the Galactic Games.  Working together Drift and Cosmos stopped Slipstream, who had secretly been working undercover with the Quintessons and planned to use the gathering to wipe out all the Autobots in one swoop. The mystery solved, the Galactic Games continued to act as a beacon of peace and honor amongst the allies of the Autobots.


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TRANSFORMERS Legends “The Galactic Games” Team Battle Episode Pre registration now open

Every few years, the Galactic Games are held as a friendly competition between friends and allies of the Autobots. From across the galaxy, teams compete in trials of skill and teamwork, welcoming a spirit of unity and cooperation between the different factions of the galaxy.

Autobot leader Rodimus opens the games with a grand ceremony welcoming all the competitors. However, beneath the celebrations of sportsmanship, the Quintessons have sent a spy amongst the competitors, intent on ruining the spirit of the games and sowing discontent amongst the allied Autobot forces.

Teaming up, Drift and Cosmos plan to secretly uncover the spy while still competing in the games, allowing the spirit of the games to remain alive. Will the Autobots discover who is behind the sabotage? Find out this week in Transformers Legends “The Galactic Games”.

The Galactic Games EPISODE will be its entire length and not cut short because of the extended Pre registration period. 

(The event will start on Thursday 4pm /PDT and end on Wednesday at 4pm /PDT)

Based on your feedback, we’ve decided to normalize Space Bridge prices moving forward. The prices will be the same regardless of the contents of the Space Bridge.

Other Changes to this Episode

Increased point thresholds to

  • Day 1: 10,000 Points

  • Day 2: 20,000 Points

  •  Day 3: 30,000 Points

  • Day 4: 40,000 Points

  • Day 5: 50,000 Points

  • Day 6: 60,000 Points

Added better messaging around the Day Win page

  • The page will now highlight and show a check mark on the Day Win reward you have earned. i.e. If you have won 3 out of 6 days you will receive the Day 3 Reward only.


  • Fixed Metroplex R6 “invulnerable" issue 
  • Corrected spelling on Autobot Hound Weapon Card
  • Increased the Synthetic Energon and Bosses found Episode xp amounts

TRANSFORMERS Legends “Attack of the Autobots” is now live!

During an attack on the Autobots, Megatron secretly slips away from the battle and sabotages the Autobots’ recharging chamber. The next morning, Optimus Prime and his Autobots, upon being recharged, find that their will is not their own—they are compelled to follow Megatron’s orders! And those orders are to attack the nearby Rutter Military Force base! 

Bumblebee, Sparkplug and Jazz return to Autobot HQ after a night out testing Jazz’s new off-the-hook sound system to find Silverstreak acting erratically and the rest of the Autobots gone. They subdue Silverstreak and see that Teletraan 1 has been destroyed. 

Bumblebee and Jazz discover the cause of the Autobots new mission—Megatron slipped a personality destabilizing device into the recharging chamber, causing the Autobots to turn evil! And at this very moment, Optimus Prime and the Autobots are attempting to steal a human solar energy satellite from Rutter Military base.

Leaving Sparkplug to discover a cure for the personality destabilization, Bumblebee and Jazz race to the Air Force base to stop their fellow Autobots. Will Bumblebee and Jazz stop them in time? Find out this week on TRANSFORMERS Legends: “Attack of the Autobots”!

DARK AWAKENING is now over!

Fighting Hot Rod, Optimus Prime has a flashback of his reanimation at the hands of the Quintessons. Returning the Matrix of Leadership to Hot Rod, Optimus Prime orders the Autobot ships to escape the battle and in his final act, the courageous warrior pilots his ship into the middle of the Quintesson trap. The Autobots mourn the loss of their great leader a second time, but is this really the end of Optimus Prime?

DARK AWAKENING is now over! Thanks to all of our event participants and congratulations to -VEGETA55J4- for taking home the top spot on the leaderboard. Tune in next time for the next exciting episode of TRANSFORMERS Legends!


Hello TRANSFORMERS Legends players,

We just wanted to give everybody a quick update on the current bug surrounding Metroplex. Without going into much detail, we’ve discovered the root of the issue and are correcting it.

We want to thank all of the players who took the time to report this issue to us, some of the information you guys provided us was instrumental in figuring this out.

Roll out,

The TRANSFORMERS Legends team


This week on Transformers Legends…

After narrowly escaping an attack from Galvatron, Rodimus Prime, Arcee, Ultra Magnus, and Spike seek refuge on an ancient Autobot Mausoleum—the final resting place of the many Autobots lost during the Great War against the Decepticons. The mighty warrior Optimus Prime rests amongst them.

Pinned down by a Decepticon attack, the Autobots’ situation is dire when their ranks are suddenly bolstered by a resurrected Optimus Prime. Rodimus Prime returns the Matrix of Leadership to Optimus Prime, reverting back to Hot Rod. Optimus Prime immediately attacks the Autobots and escapes the mausoleum, leaving the others stranded.

Arriving on Cybertron, Optimus Prime orders a full scale attack on a Quintesson base. But is Optimus Prime really the same fearless leader the Autobots remember? Can Hot Rod and the others stop Optimus Prime before he carries out his final mission? Find out this week on TRANSFORMERS: Legends “Dark Awakening”! 

ASSAULT ON IACON Update follow up


We have looked into the issue and it appears to be a miss understanding of the Team Battle day win mechanic.

For a Day win you receive the reward for your corresponding day i.e. If you won 3 days you would get the day 3 reward only .

Understandably we can see how this is confusing, especially with the check marks near the rewards which could make it appear that you will receive all of those rewards checked off. The inclusion of split rewards would also add to that. We will be working on better messaging around the day wins mechanic.

So please check your inboxes as we have sent a thank you gift  because of the confusion. The gift contains

  • Onslaught bot/alt/weapon 
  • 100 battle cubes
  • 100 mini energon recharges
  • 100,000 in credits
  • 500 transmetal character
  • 200 transmetal weapon

Thank you for playing,